lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2008


Expresiones latinas traducidas al inglés

ab initio, from the beginning
ab origine, from the origin
ab ovo, from the egg; from the beginning
ad, up to
addenda, things to be added
ad finem, to the end
ad hoc, with respect to, a group of people with a definite work
ad infinitum, to infinity
ad libitum, ad lib., at pleasure
ad nauseam, to the point of disgust or satiety
ad rem, to the purpose
adsum, I am present
ad velorem, according to the value
advocatus diaboli, devil's advocate
a fortiori, with stronger reason
ante cibum, a.c., before food
ante meridiem, a.m., morning
a posteriori, from effect to cause
a priori, from cause to effect
aqua, aq, water
aqua destillata, aq. dest., distilled water
aurio dextra, a.d., right ear
aurio laeva, a.l., left ear
aurio sinister, a.s., left ear
aures utrae, a.u., each ear
bis dat qui cito dat, he gives twice who gives quickly
bis in die, b.i.d., twice daily
bona fides, good faith
cafe au lait spot, ceteris paribus, other things being equal
circa, about
coup, stroke
coup d'etat, a sudden decisive blow in politics
coup de grace, a finishing stroke
cul-de-sac, blind alley
cum, c, with
de facto, in point of fact
de jure, from the law
de novo, anew
dentur tales doses, d.t.d., give of such a dose
dies, d, day
dilue, dil, dilute
dispensa, disp. dispense
e.m.p., as directed
en bloc
en masse, in mass
en route, in route
errata, errors
et, at
et cetera, etc., and the rest
ex aq., in water
ex officio, in virtue of his office
ex post facto, after the deed is done
fac, fiat, fiant, f., ft, make, let be made
fait accompli, a thing already done
gramma, Gm, g, gram
granum, gr, grain
gutta, g.t.t., a drop
hora, h, hour
hora somni, h.s., at bedtime
in ano
in articulo mortis, at the point of death
in extremis, at the point of death
in loco, in the place
in loco parentis, in the place of a parent
in situ, in its original position
in toto, in the whole
in vacuo, in a vacuum
ipso facto, by that very fact
laborare est orare, to labor is to pray, work is worship
liquor, liq., a liquor, solution
misce, M, mix
mixtura, mixt., a mixture
modus operandi, manner of working
modus vivendi, manner of living
more dictor, m. dict., as directed
nocturnal, noc., in the night
non repatur, non. rep., no refills
non sequitur, it does not follow
nota bene, note well
numerus, no., number
octarius, O, Oct., a pint
oculus dexter, o.d., right eye
oculus sinister, o.s., left eye
oculus uterque, o.u., each eye
onus probandi, the burden of proof
per, for, through, by
per contra, on the contrary
per annum, by the year
per capita, by heads
per diem, by the day
per se, by itself
persona non grata, an unacceptable person
post cibos, p.c., after meals
post meridiem, p.m., afternoon
per os, p.o., per mouth
prima facie, at first view
pro forma, for the sake of form
pro rata, according to rate
pro re nata, p.r.n., as needed
pulvis, pulv, a powder
quam volueris, q.v., as much as wanted
quantum sufficiat, q.s., sufficient quantity
quater in die, q.i.d, four times a day
quiaque die, q.d., every day
quiaque hora, q.h., every hour
quid pro quo, something in return
quoque alternis die, q.a.d., every other day
repetatus, rep, let it be repeated
sataratus, sat., saturated
secundum artem, s.a., according to art
semis, ss., one-half
signa, Sig., label
sine, s, without
sine cura, without charge
sine qua non, without which, something indispensable
si opus sit, s.o.s., if there is need
solutio, sol., solution
statim, stat, at once
status quo, the existing condition
stet, do not delete
sub judice, under consideration
sub rosa, confidentially
suppositorium, supp., suppository
syrupus, syr., syrup
tabella, tab., tablet
tabula rasa, a blank tablet
tal, such
tal dos, such doses
ter in die, t.i.d., three times a day
tritura, trit., triturate
unguentum, ung., ointment
ut dictum, ut. dict., as directed
verbatim et literatim, word for word, letter for letter